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Business Plan

Application Resources

On this document is the detailed BEEP guidelines on how to format and produce an effective business plan for the individuals who would like to apply for the program, with details ranging from an executive summary to a conclusion. It is required for all applicants to create a fully complete business plan following these guidelines and submitted within the due date in addition to the rest of the application.

Business Plan


Here is where you can apply for funding and/or guidance from the BEEP program and includes sections for individual applications.

BEEP Boost

BEEP Boost

BEEP Boost is an online program aimed at teaching young entrepreneurs how to start up new businesses and hone their innovational skills

In this introductory video, we go over how to come up with a business idea. We discuss the necessary steps it takes to form an effective idea as well as how to refine it after completing it. Furthermore, we cover the key concepts and questions you should be asking yourself while going through this process. Watch this if you want to learn more about how to get started

In this comprehensive video, we detail how you can form your ideal team. We go over key concepts, such as what to look for, how to interview effectively, the five stages of team bonding, and more! Watch this video to learn everything you need to know to form a functional and hard working team!

In this quick video, we detail everything you need to know about publicizing your business. From using social media to applying for grants (such as BEEP!), there are hundreds of ways to get word about your business out there, and we cover many ways here! If you're looking to expand the outreach of your business organization, we highly encourage you to watch this video!

BEEP Podcast

BEEP Podcast

Coming soon!

Starter Kit

Business Starter Kit




Seek advice from Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and Tom Friel!

Learn more from Ted Talk!


Use this resume template from myperfectresume!

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