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Fall Pitch Day Recap

Fall Pitch Day

December 10, 2022


by Ziv Behar

QBook is a web application that helps reduce operating costs for organizations operating in hybrid work models by optimizing office space.


by Samhita Varanasi and Sahasra Akula

Etiqua is an e-commerce platform aiming to eliminate the threat of fast fashion by highlighting ethical and sustainable small clothing businesses.


Infinite Learn

by Yash Das and Rishi Saravanan

Infinite Learn is an educational website combining both asynchronous lessons and live study sessions in one place to be easily accessible for students to learn STEM subjects.


by Chloe Wang and Mahesh Kodam

Letsplore aims to provide equal opportunities for students in underrepresented communities, offering access to non-traditional courses and life-skills not taught at school.


Invest AI

by Rishabh Sahoo

Invest AI aims to provide long term financial security, offering a personalized wealth management experience through the support of AI.


by Priyanka Supraja Balaji, Pranav Virupaksha, Anish Lakkapragada, Snehil Kakani

OneWorld is a software that helps efficiency during emergencies, improving and providing data for urban infrastructure and environmental measurements by analyzing real-time imagery and providing the data to various companies.

Info Session Recap

Info Session

October 27, 2022

BEEP  Informational Session.png

On October 27th, 2022, we hosted its semi-annual informational session to introduce students within the Fremont Union High School District to BEEP’s mission, which is to provide the resources necessary for high school entrepreneurs to pursue their entrepreneurial passions. During the meeting, the BEEP team highlighted the steps to apply to BEEP as well as provided basic resources. The meeting consisted of three major parts:

Part 1: During the first section of the informational session, the BEEP team went over BEEP’s mission, which is to fund students’ business ideas in the FUHSD, as well as provide the necessary resources for high school entrepreneurs to bring their businesses to life. The first part of the informational session also introduced the BEEP team members. 

Part 2: Next, the BEEP team went over the basic steps of the BEEP grant program, including the timeline and next steps. The steps included 1) attending the informational session 2) filling out the application form 3) completing the BEEP business plan 4) pitching to the judges (if selected). The BEEP team also explained the basic guidelines of the grant, which funds students’ business ideas up to $5000.

Part 3: Finally, the BEEP team went over other miscellaneous material (ex. website + past business plans) and answered questions from the informational session attendees.

KickOff Speaker Event Recap

KickOff Speaker

September 20, 2022

On September 20th 2022, we held an online speaker event with around 50 attendees hosting President and Co-founder of Cartograph, Chris Moe, and Co-founder of Oppti, Khiry Kemp, to kick off the school year and talk about what they did to become successful. Over the two hours they talk about their experiences in the field of business, as well as answer questions from the audience.

Khiry and Chris talk about how to start a business. First you must identify a problem that you are passionate about and want to solve. Ask yourself: What problems do you see that you believe could be fixed with your knowledge? With this, pick one solution that would solve the problem differently or better than other businesses, and then make a product out of that solution. Khiry and Chris also note that it’s crucial to make sure that your product actually solves a real problem. To know your problem well, Chris says that you should “do things that don’t scale.” In addition, they state that the most powerful thing is to build a strong team that won't give up, as well as have a sustainable process within the business. 

But in the business world, there’s always the question of will my business “make or break”? Chris and Khiry comment that success is determined by the people themselves, specifically if the market likes the idea and whether people are excited about your product, thus marketing is key for businesses. They also emphasize the importance of setting goals and working towards milestones, focusing on how you plan to solve your problem, and being selective about what you need to do as the business expands. Khiry states that “legends are made from transitions,” meaning as your business grows there is always a reflection point. Ask yourself: “how am I going to adapt to the next change?”

During the event, they also mentioned some misconceptions about running a business. Khiry says that it looks “easier than it is,” mentioning that it typically takes ten years for a business to become successful. But he also said that you don’t need a lot of experience before starting a business, as it’s okay to go in with the idea of not knowing everything. Moreover, he recommends finding a mentor that has had good experiences in business so that you could learn from them. Through working with an existing business, you’ll likely gain confidence. Once you're ready to try something new, give it a shot! 

Chris notes that running a business isn’t as glamorous as it seems, saying that some days are good, but most days are hard. He talks about not regretting the outcome, but rather staying motivated and knowing deep down that you tried your best. He states that regret is more about wasted time instead of bad decisions, and instead of regretting, a better use of your time is to learn something new that will add to your business. Finally, they emphasize the importance of your own personal and mental health: take care of yourself and don’t focus on the negative, as it will distract you from more important matters.

Ultimately, from the 2 hour speaker panel hearing Chris Moe and Khiry Kemp reflect on their business experiences, we have six key takeaways as to how to run a successful business: 

  1.  Build a strong team.

  2.  Stay motivated and don’t give up.  

  3.  Take care of yourself and your mental health.

  4.  Set goals and celebrate milestones.

  5.  Find a mentor to learn from their experiences.

  6.  Make sure your product actually solves the problem and excites people.

With these six points in mind, you’ll be more than ready to start your own business!!

Pitch Day Recap News

Pitch Day Recap

  • EIGHT teams

  • EIGHT business plan pitches

  • FOUR teams funded

May 21, 2022



by Kyle M. and Nikhil P. 

S.H.A.R.D is a web based platform that connects students investigating STEM to research opportunities


by Arnav C. and Arvind K. 

SciLynk is a platform that enables streamlined research workflow



by Arya P. 

FaiRE is a search and rescue robot that has advanced ultrasonic sensors and built in artificial intelligence to allow fire fighters to locate survivors

Fairs & Trees

by Harika C. 

Fairs & Trees is a nonprofit organization that helps elementary school students learn about how they can protect the environment.



by Abhay P. 

Sutrino is a product that makes homeowners aware of their electricity usage


by Reya L. and Priyanka S. 

Soul-Ly is homemade skincare products that have 100% nautral and therapeutic ingredients


by Urmi S., Angela Z., Jessica Z., Alex B. 

Homeheal is an app that assists stroke patients with long term recovery. 


by Samhitha V. and Sahasra A. 

Etiqua is a network for small businesses to ensure customers get fair prices and support sustainable practices

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